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Echoes of Africa

St Martin's In-the-Veld 43 Cradock Ave, Dunkeld, Sandton,, Gauteng

"Echoes of Africa" is a celebration of the enduring spirit and rich cultural heritage of South Africa as expressed through its choral music. Join us as we explore the profound connection between past and present, where each melody and harmony serves as a reverberation of historical experiences, cultural narratives, and ancestral voices. Experience the music ... Read more

Choral Colours

Nazareth House 290 Florence Ribeiro Ave, Waterkloof, Pretoria

An enchanting concert that celebrates the beauty and diversity of unaccompanied choral works. We invite you to experience the seamless blend of voices as they intertwine like hues on an artist’s canvas, creating a vivid tapestry of sound and emotion. Featuring the intricate polyphony of Byrd, the harmonic richness of Stanford, and the contemporary flair ... Read more


Timeless Words

St Francis Anglican Church, 46 Tyrone Ave, Parkview 46 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview, Johannesburg

Words have long served as a cornerstone in the creative process of composers, shaping their compositions and guiding their musical narratives. Among these words, religious texts have held a particularly significant role, infusing music with profound meaning within church services and beyond. However, amidst this common foundation, each composer brings forth a unique interpretation, exploring ... Read more

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